Wissels is distilling Jenever, Gin, Vodka and other spirits.


Our range exists of premium products only, made of the very best materials. Without chemical aromas, industrial dyes, or preservatives.
We distill our traditional jenever, in a very unique way with alembic. This method gives us a low return but of very high quality and this makes our jenever so special!
Not only did master distiller Koen De Jans received the Cultural Taste award, also in 2010 he won 4 medals at the Concours International de Bruxelles.

Gold: Passion fruit jenever
Silver: Vieux Système
Silver: Grapefruit jenever
Silver: Chocolate jenever

Our range:> see website www.stokerijshop.be

Grain Jenever
Hasselt Jenever, Vieux Système, Old Grain Jenever

Fruit Jenever
Lemon, Apple, Berries, Grapefruit, Forest Fruit, Cherries, cactus, Blood Orange, Passion.

Cream Jenever
Chocolate, Vanilla, Speculaas, Bounty, Hazelnut.

Eggnog, Coffee of Hasselt.

Fine Gin, traditional Vodka and a wide range of fresh fruit cocktails, can also be offered. Together we work out a program to fill your needs. We go through the steps together for a bottle, label, packaging, ... A minimum purchase is required but not necessarily in the thousands.
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Graanstokerij Wissels • Normandiëstraat 12-14, B3500 Hasselt • tel: 011/26.26.00 - gsm: 0497/45.88.45